* I am out, and proud, and in love with my wife, Carol Dacey-Charles. 25 years and counting! (about Carol)

I am a Professional Artist Mentor and Audition Coach. I love to help fellow artists succeed and thrive! (about artist mentoring)

* I am a prayer Chaplain for Unity Church of New York . I feel Privileged to hold sacred space, lovingly listen, pray and hold confidence for the congregants of this dynamic ministry. (about Unity of New York)

* I was a professional organizer for years. Personal organizing and clutter busting isn’t for the weak of heart, but I found it was a great way to help people move forward. 

* I was a drama camp kid.  I spent summers at French Woods Festival and at Stage Door Manor. I won the Best Supporting Actress statue for my work in an all girl production of “Twelve Angry Women”. I played a septuagenarian juror. I was 12.

 * I worked with the late Polish director, Jerzy Grotowski  This theatre icon paid me one of my most memorable compliments about my acting.  He said I was “LESS BORING” in my final presentation.


What you may not know about me...

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